The secret to saving money

So many people trying to learn the secret of saving money but what is it? It seems so difficult to save money, why is this? People are constantly looking to buy new things and spend their hard earn money. Why can't they save it? I can't answer this question but I can certainly provide the secret to saving money!

The secret to saving money is simple, take 5 or 20$ and put it in you saving account or in a piggy bank or use bank transfer. Do it today, do it now! That's it! If you can save more then save more 100$, 200$, 500$ or 1000$. It all depends on how much you earn. They always say that saving is a habit. Do you prefer buying that cool thing or having money in the bank for hard days or to invest? Sure buying cool stuff is okay once in a while but the priority should be to have something in the bank for when you get older!