The reason number #1 people can't save money

We could easily find multiple reasons why people can't save money, here are a few: I don't make enough money, I have lots of bills to pay, I don't know how, procrastination, I will do it later or next month, I want to buy this new thing, I will never be rich anyways, and much more. While they are all good EXCUSES they are not actual reasons to not saving. So the biggest reason is this: People don't believe they can save money! In order to do something you have to first believe you can do it! If you don't believe you can then it will be hard to do it. If you don't make a lot of money, I'm sure you can still save 20 to 50$ per week. That's not a whole lot but it will help you till you find a new job that will pay you more. The point is this: excuses will not bring you anywhere, only action will even if it's small actions.