How to spend $0 per day

Imagine how much money you would have in your bank account if you mastered this trick. You might say it's impossible! In fact it's impossible to spend 0$ everyday but a couple of days a week should be enough! Imagine 3 days or even 4 days a week you don't spend a dime! That means no coffee, no restaurant, no nothing. The way to apply this trick is to make sure that you pay all your bills and expense together the same day. Example for Sunday: buy grocery, fill your car with gas to full, pay your phone bill, pay your credit card, pretty much buy all that you really need! Then Monday make sure you spend nothing, same thing for Tuesday, Wednesday take a break, Thursday spend nothing, Friday or Saturday take a break. If you count them that's a total of 4 days you spent ZERO! Make sure you don't cheat and that you really spend ZERO, not even a single dollar! Remember nothing feels better than spending $0.